Your Home Away From Home

Semi and Big Rig Interiors

Portage Trim specializes is Big Rig interiors for everyday working semis and show trucks. If you are a trucker, you spend a lot of time in your truck whether ist behind the wheel or in your bunk, why not make it feel like home? Our professionals make amazing interiors to give you all of the creature comforts and show stopping details you would expect from a top notch interior shop. Our award winning skills can take your truck to the next level.



The Open Road

Are you bored of the factory interior on your rig? You spend hours staring at the road to climb into an uncomfortable bunk at the end pf a long day, why not make it plush and lavish? We can make an amazing home away from home right in your truck so you can enjoy every minute of your spare time.


Have a show truck you want to upgrade the interior on? We have done award winning semi interiors for television shows and som eof the biggest show truc owners out there. You can find many of our creations at major events across the country. If you have a show winner, or a truck that aspires to become one, give us a call.


“We couldn’t have been happier with the job they did in our show truck. We took first place in the last two events we attended.”

– John Doe

  • "The guys at Portage Trim are rockstars, their portfolio is amazing and the transformations they make are nothing short or mindblowing. An absolute honor to have them work on my car."

    Les Lehman Lehman Design / Owner
  • "Portage Trim is the best of the best. I don't have the skills to do this stuff myself, but I have a good eye and know what looks good, and what they do is GREAT! I couldn't be any happier."

    John Knox Car Enthusiast
  • "My Bel Air is my dream car, and I want to own it forever. I wanted the interior to be like it was from the factory so I did some research and found the specs for the original materials and patterns. The guys were able to get them and made my car perfect again."

    Andy Katz 1961 Chevy Bel Air Owner


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